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Home Staging is about enhancing the best features in a property and creating defined functions in your home.

Serving Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas, Center Hill Lake, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Baxter, Smithville, Cookeville, and Lancaster.

Whether you’re staging to sell or staging to live, we offer customized solutions for exactly what you need, in your time frame, and within your budget.

If you’re staging to sell, we will target the buyer most likely to buy your property using a lifestyle selling technique.  Studies show that 63% of buyers will pay more money for a home that is “Move In Ready.”

If you’re staging to live, what would it be like to come home to a place that is personally and uniquely you?  We will refresh and refine your space using what you already have with a few select additions.

Staging To Sell

People don’t buy houses. They buy homes.

Staging to sell is one of the only pre-sale services that actually brings measurable value to the sale. Plus, staged homes sell faster. We believe the best way for sellers to secure equity in their home is to have their property staged and ready to be presented in showcase condition before putting it on the market.

Where To Start

Overwhelmed? We’ll minimize the stress of selling by working within your budget and timeframe. Starting with a consultation and our comprehensive room-by-room custom report, we’ll illustrate our recommendations to transform your space.

The Prep

Whether it’s refreshing paint, editing personal belongings, or quick repairs, we’ll prioritize the recommendations required prior to the staging process. Either implement our DIY action plan and earn sweat equity, or let us handle the entire project for you.

Market Ready

Prior to photography and MLS listing, we’ll create function, flow, and a well-balanced space using our Market-Ready approach that has been proven to maximize the value of your home. Then, choose from a number of packages to work within your budget.


Not only does professional home staging save YOU time, statistics show that staged homes sell 90% faster than non-staged houses. While the investment usually pays for itself in the sale price, it’s almost always less than the first price reduction.

Staging To Live

Impressive doesn’t have to be expensive. Come home to a place you love.

It might not be what you have, but where you’ve put it. Staging for living is a cost effective way to refresh the feel of your home. It’s not totally redecorating, but using what you have and maybe adding a few additional pieces to create a space you love. Everyone’s home can be beautiful, regardless of the size or price.

Where To Start

Starting with a consultation, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive room-by-room plan with detailed recommendations. We offer a menu of services to work within your timeframe and budget.


You don’t have to start from scratch and spend a fortune to have a home you love. We’ll give you a plan to follow DIY style, or we can work with you to help accessorize, edit, reduce, or reorganize.


We put the plan to action, starting with just one room at a time or the whole home at once. Let us give you a fresh set of eyes while we work together to create your vision – a place that is personally and uniquely you.

Fall In Love Again

Now that you’ve transformed the vibe of your place and every room tells a story, sit back, relax, and think to yourself “Wow, this is my home.” Enjoy! Maybe it’s time to entertain again… show off the place you’re so proud of.

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